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Insulin Sensitivity & Carbohydrate Ratio Calculator

Enter values and press 'calculate' button to calculate the insulin sensitivity factor and carbohydrate ratios.

Total Daily Dose of Insulin (TDD)  units
Sensitivity Constant
Current Blood Glucose mg/dL
Target Blood Glucose mg/dL
Insulin Sensitivity Factor  (ISF)  =  
One unit insulin decreases blood glucose by mg/dL
Correction to Dose Of Insulin    = units

Carbohydrate Ratio =   
One unit of insulin covers   grams of carbohydrate

The Insulin Sensitivity Factor is the number of mg/dL one unit of insulin lowers glucose:

     1500* / Total Daily Dose of Insulin = ISF

The Carbohydrate Ratio is the number of carbohydrate grams covered by one unit of insulin:

     450 / Total Daily Dose of Insulin

To use the insulin sensitivity factor calculate the difference between the current blood sugar (glucose) and the desired blood sugar. Then divide the result by the sensitivity factor. The result is the amount of insulin that needs to be added or subtracted from the premeal insulin dose.


Current blood sugar is 140, target blood sugar is 100. Insulin sensitivity factor is 20.

Correction = (140-100)/20 = 2

*The 1500 Rule was developed by Dr. Paul C. Davidson, Medical Director of the Diabetes Treatment Center in Atlanta.


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