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1. Enter the amount of mercury in the food in parts per million (ppm), or select the food from the list of different seafood and press 'Enter ppm from list'. The mercury concentrations in the food list are the 90th percentile values or the maximum level that has been been found in samples for the selected food.
2. Enter your weight and the size of the serving, then press calculate.

Mercury Intake  Calculator 

Mercury content of food ppm ppb
Input your weight kilogram pounds
Input serving size grams ounces
A typical serving size is  85 to 170 grams  ( 3 to 6 ounces )

* Parts per million (ppm) =millionths of a gram per gram of sample.
Parts per billion (ppb) =billionths of a gram per gram of sample. 1 ppb =  .001 ppm

Fish and seafood can be an important part of a balanced diet for pregnant women and those of childbearing age who may become pregnant. Indeed low consumption of fish has been found to be a strong risk factor for preterm delivery and low birth weight. Although the mercury levels found in most commonly eaten fish and seafood are usually safe the mercury levels found in several predator fish (fish that eat other fish)  may be above safe levels.

Fish  is the usual source of methylmercury in the U.S. diet . However, in other parts of the world  alcohol,  fruit, brown bread, sunflower oil, some “health foods,”  herbal teas, and rice  may also be sources of methylmercury in the diet.

This online calculator will estimate your mercury intake for a variety of fish and seafood, or you can enter the mercury level of the food directly if it is not included in the list.

For state and local environmental programs and departments of health fish consumption advisories

See Fish Consumption Advisories

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